Our Collective

Sette was founded with the idea that a collective can be more dynamic than the traditional agency model.

Our company has the flexibility to custom build a team of experts that is optimally suited to each project we take on, so our clients get exactly what they need. No more, no less. Our approach allows us to execute projects efficiently, while also giving clients full transparency of the process at every step. But most importantly, building brands is what we’re great at. It’s our passion. Wherever you are in your brand story, Sette will help you write the next chapter.

   Our Team

Founder / Truth Seeker / Community Builder

Sara draws from a depth of business and creative experience to help companies refine and harness their brands. She works closely with company leaders to distill big picture ideas and concepts into clear, cohesive and compelling narratives that form the foundation of dynamic brands and propel growth. Before Sette, Sara spent a decade working for global agencies with companies such as IBM and Unilever developing their strategies and launching new products, brands, services and experiences. She also has an eye for exceptional talent, which the Sette roster is testament to.

Creative Lead / Artist / Cat Enthusiast 

Jess is a creative with a simple mission: to make beautiful work that makes people feel extraordinary. She applies this philosophy to everything she creates from brand identities to children’s art. Jess has over a decade of industry experience working on brands big, small and in between. She can usually be found in her studio in Austin, covered in paint.

Kelly Shetron

Writer / Question Asker / Dog Lover

Kelly is dedicated to helping people tell their stories with clarity, beauty, and impact. She has nearly ten years of experience in project management and storytelling roles, bringing an exceptional sense of strategy and organization to everything she tackles. She loves asking questions, thinking big picture, and finding ways we can better connect with one another through language.

Cheryl Masaitis

Producer / Curator / Gypsy Mama 

Cheryl is an international Executive Producer with 10+ years experience both behind and beyond big agency walls. She's pragmatic with a well-trained eye for quality in execution. She's quick to jump in on any project, aligning client expectations with creative ideas, and thrives on finding that perfect match of an artist or crew to bring those precious ideas to life. Ever mindful of balancing limitations of time and money, Cheryl's years in the industry have garnered her a wealth of international resources and trusted relationships to support her productions.

Creative Director / Jewelry Designer / Mama

Kim is a Creative Director and writer with 15 years of experience building brands in industries ranging from fashion to technology, health and wellness to packaged goods, retail to non-profit, and more. She has led creative direction on large brands such as Canon, Dove, Rent The Runway and Jockey, while also helping small businesses and startups like Daily Harvest. Kim believes that when you're creative at heart, there are no limits to what you can dream up, build, solve, or make beautiful. No matter the challenge, she’ll find a thoughtful, creative solution.

Angus McCoubrey

Strategy Director / Musician / Poker Player

Angus is a collaborative creative problem-solver who has guided communication strategies for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Budweiser, Gillette, Toyota, Jack Daniel’s, New Balance and Carnival Cruise Line. He is a sucker for a concise, well told story, and a strong, clear point of view. Angus strives to inspire breakthrough creativity that drives business results, and has contributed to campaigns recognized by both Cannes and Effie’s.

Lily Piyathaisere

Designer / Art Director / Fiber & Ceramic Artist

Lily is a multi-disciplinary designer and art director who has worked in a wide range of industries from tech to beauty to the arts and everything in between. She specializes in brand development, identity, packaging and web design. Lily strives to help clients express their purpose and meaning through visual languages and experiences. Her clients include Apple, Google, Gap, Bath & Body Works, Sephora, Textile Arts Center and more.

Senior Art Director / Singer / Marathoner

Suzan is a Danish Art Director with 15+ years of experience in branding, graphic design and UX. Suzan creates visual identities, platforms, portals and campaigns for companies large and small. She is passionate about creating valuable solutions for both the client and the user.

Martha Kelley

Product Designer / Illustrator / Runner

Martha is a Product Designer and Illustrator with a background in Fashion Design. Since she was young, Martha has been creating art and tinkering with computers and thrives in the places where the two intersect. Martha is passionate about creating beautiful designs that help improve visual and verbal communication.

Kait Sherman

Marketing Director / Mama / Creator 

Over nearly a decade, Kait has created meaningful experiences for brands such as Microsoft, GM and RB. Kait is fueled by a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems. Whatever project Kait is focused on, you can be sure that you will get expertise in execution and an inspired strategic vision for the brand.

Hillary Cutter

Producer / Connector / Karaoke Queen

Hillary is a seasoned Executive Producer of broadcast and digital media, an impassioned entertainment entrepreneur, and an industry leader in women’s diversity issues. Working for clients that run the gamut from startups to Fortune 500 companies, she’s garnered a reputation for providing personal attention and support to any project she produces.

Sarah Nguyen

Designer/ Art Director / Culture Seeker

Sarah is a designer and art director with an affinity for physical and digital interaction. Her work is inspired by the possibilities at the intersection of art, science and technology. She applies detailed craftsmanship and thoughtful ideas to design emotionally captivating experiences that tell a brand’s story in a language that is both authentic and unique. Her previous clients include IBM, Google, Nest, Seagate and Motorola.

Kaity Potack

Copywriter / Sandwich Aficionado / Bitters Bottler

With a degree in creative writing, Kaity stumbled her way into the bewitching universe of advertising, where wordplay is not just tolerated but encouraged. To any project, she brings what she loves best about storytelling: poetry in simple sentiments. Well, that and some pretty audacious puns.

Amanda Tarzia

Designer / Typography Nerd / Budding Seamstress

Amanda is an Australian Visual Designer currently based in New York. She has created brand identities, print and digital experiences with a strong typographic and artistic aesthetic for clients such as Google, Governor’s Music Festival, The National and more. She seeks to uncover new forms of visual expression by being in a constant state of making.